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  The software is our main bussines.On the basic of developing the independent application software ,we also develop software and system for the telecom、govorment and finance. :
Exusoft Collaboration Office V2.0
  Exusoft Collaboration Office V2.0 is Based on the conception of the standard WorkFlow engine,it make a revolution of the modern work conception by workflow's visual design and the customization of modules.It conform to the WFC standard entirety,and also thinking about the characteristic of internal customers.It also has the other functions such as the sending messages,point-to-point communication and Video conference.
Exusoft Integrate Information Mananger System
  Exusoft Integrate Information Mananger System is a custom-built system that it can publish、 search and use information. The System is developed by Microsoft .NET Framework,use OO maturative thinking and with good compatibility and expansibility.It depends on standard C# groupwares and MVC design pattern with open conception.The system enables customized second development based on different business prototypes and works in alignment with the enterprise's existing work-flow system and mail system.
Exusoft Online Study And Exam System
  With the ardent competition increasingly,service enterprises and the window enterprises of the government such as Industrial & Commercial、Tax Bureau and the departments of the law,How to improve whole the quality of the service and the contentment of the people is a important way to improve the core competitity ability of enterprise and maintain goverment's reputation.At the same time,how to process a external and equitable exam or judge is also a important part of the human resource managerment of modern enterprise and the development of the company.
Exusoft Multimedia Remote Training System
    Simple software teaching platform,including many fuctions such as broadcast teaching、electronical ferule、Voice teaching、network cinema、video camera、real time watching、file transmission、 recording teaching、remote control tutorship、Vie for answering online、online discussion、electronical hands up、Messege sending、remote customization etc with the system update for life.Support Window95/98/NT/2000/XP,Window95/98 no disk network、Win2000 no disk terminal.
Exusoft Video Conference System
    The quantity of Internet user increases very quickly、the Wide Band growing very fast,the market needs new applications.The quanlity of the internet user in china is large,especcially the growing of the Wide Band in the recent two years.The business for wideband internet access is in the period of growing. More and more enterprises and family use the Wide Band to connect internet.
Exusoft Integrate Information Mananger System for GMCC Bussiness Hall
    Exusoft Integrate Information Mananger System for GMCC Bussiness Hall thinks more about the features of the GMCC Bussiness Hall that it's wide distributing and busyness.At the same time,the Bussiness Hall is the front line and windows of the service,so it's position is very important. It's the object of this System that helping the front line employee to make improvment in their business,providing the plan of training and learning and also giving them a platform to share the information or commnulicating.
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