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Yahoo CEO: Microsoft is no longer interested in acquisition of Yahoo

    Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang said on the 28th, Microsoft is no longer interested in acquiring Yahoo, but Yahoo is considering other forms of cooperation.

    Jerry Yang in the United States Southern California cities Carlsbad to attend a high-tech industry conference, said that Yahoo, Microsoft once the merger will have "enormous energy", but the valuation and other issues led to negotiations between the two sides ended without results.

    He also stressed that Microsoft and Yahoo is not the first to abandon the merger negotiations.

    Microsoft in February by a total 44.6 billion U.S. dollars to buy Yahoo, but Yahoo to Microsoft's bid to underestimate the value of the ground be rejected. Early May, Microsoft and Yahoo to resume negotiations, Microsoft will offer increased to 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, but declined again. Subsequently, Microsoft announced the acquisition to give up.


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