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The development of mobile Internet phones will be made by the anti-virus industry prosperity

    National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center released the "2007 China's computer virus survey of technical analysis" showed that: in 2007 China's computer virus infection rates and a larger rebound, reaching 91.47 percent. Among them, three or more times the infection rate to 53.64 percent. According to Jiangmin Science and Technology published the "2007 Annual Report virus", Jiangmin anti-virus center in 2007 intercepted a total of more than 363,000 new virus, a 06 increase 601 percent, the PC virus infection accumulated a total of 34414793 Taiwan.

    With the severe security situation in the PC, mobile phone network as a new terminal, the situation seemed to ease many: the security software company McAfee in the mobile released by the World Assembly on the findings showed that only 2.1 percent of the respondents had experienced mobile phone viruses, while listening to Said other mobile phone users encountered the virus and only 11.6 percent. However, it is worrying is that 86.3 percent of mobile phone users actually do not have any concept of the virus.

    Jishizixun (CCW Research) analyst Yu Su believes that although the current mobile phone specifically for the virus is still rare, but as the phones become increasingly computerized and the vigorous development of mobile Internet, more and more users will access through mobile phones Internet, cell phones poisoning will also greatly increase the risk. This will be for mobile phones anti-virus industry bring new market opportunities.

    Compared with the past, today's virus writers has long ceased to show off their technologies for the purpose. PC virus and the number of poisoning PC number of record highs, there is no doubt the economic interests of virus writers are the biggest driving force. And the emerging mobile phone network terminals, protective facilities are still very fragile, MMS, SMS, and includes audio, video or image files, to the cell phone virus could become the means of communication, but as the people most personal electronic products, but Carrying a PC compared to more personal information, even to some extent on the shoulder of the personal identity of the burden of proof, once the virus was a violation of personal privacy by leaking information arising from the loss, compared with the PC virus, is bound to Gone beyond.

    Magic force, high-Yi Zhang. Although mobile phone virus abhorrent, the same can be preventable and governance. As mobile phone viruses have a late start, and the occasional PC viruses, not universal, China's research on the cell phone virus is still in its initial stage, related to a limited number of anti-virus products, and no uniform standard, cell phone anti-virus service business model has not yet Formation. However, the major anti-virus vendors have a clear-cut stand will pay close attention to phone the development of anti-virus industry, as PC viruses spread prosperity of PC anti-virus industry, the security needs of mobile Internet will also hasten the birth of a great phone anti-virus market.
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