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Haier worth Fangshouyibo?

SourceFirst Financial Weekly
    GE Haier can use the existing network, Haier will be white, more Americans into the family, but more than offset growth in this part of GE White, the current sales trend? ?

    The company has done things, very few large-scale mergers and acquisitions than even the CEO felt Rulvbaobing, particularly cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

    Because it usually means the desperate gamble, Nanmian struggle through the night, as well as different political and cultural criticism and make things difficult. Haier Group's CEO Zhang Ruimin is in a state of the above. In that Jeff Immelt GE will be white, Goldman Sachs global business entrusted to find buyers, he exclaimed, "This is the best Haier is also the last opportunity to enter the U.S. market." This is inverted, two years ago, he missed the acquisition of Maytag deal, Whirlpool to let the 1.7 billion U.S. dollars succeed.

    White, in the United States market, similar to the Maytag acquisition opportunities, has been less and less. U.S. home appliance brand has always occupy a major position in the Marketplace, the world's largest manufacturers white, Whirlpool, Sears's model (Kenmore), GE, Maytag and other appliance brands mature firmly controlled by the majority of Market share, from Europe, Japan and South Korea, China and other countries of household electrical appliances also accounted for a total of less than 10 percent market share. GE is currently the United States and Belarus, ranked five in the only possible sale of the brand.

    Over the years, Haier sold in the United States of refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances are targeted at the low-end customers, dealers have been placed in the corner of the shop not attract much attention, and called GE's GE Profile and Hotpoint brand of high-end Electronics and real estate developers through their good relations, "Jing decoration," was taken on the part of affluent middle-class families, which make Haier, LG, Samsung and other foreign manufacturers, white Yanre.

    However, as also Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated the United States, credits the recent crisis and the property market downturn, so that developers have to tighten their belts in life, the sharp drop in the number of housing construction, GE, sales of white severely crack down on the end Let Immelt firmly determined to tackle this part of the business of stripping.

    However, this is not a cheap sale. Its size will far exceed the 1.25 billion dollars Lenovo acquired IBM's personal computer business transactions, GE commissioned by the high price is in full bloom to 5-8 billion U.S. dollars - taking into account there are other brands of interest, the final transaction price may also Will be higher than this figure, Haier is obviously impossible from the pocket, so much money out of direct subscription.

    Capital is indeed a big problem, but not go so far as too difficult. And when compared to Lenovo's purchase of IBM, Haier cross-border M & financing environment has been an unprecedented improvement. China's sovereignty Fund and some banks are actively go out of the country, and abroad they are even willing to various institutions. It is said that Haier has been with the State Development Bank and other positive communication.

    Zhang Ruimin really need to think that the Oshiage tens of billions on this risk in the end to a Zhibu Zhi ?

    GE white, in the United States a good influence on the brand, improve the marketing team, the outsiders Haier, this is a substantial amount of wealth - Haier can use its existing network, Haier White, the U.S. sent more The family, increase market share, but this part of the growth more than offset the current GE-sales decline, it ? GE GE brand on the Prevention of Cruelty to have been a plus, if the sale of white power business, may also be considered only for a few years the right to use the brand, in the end they were able to bid in the United States to GE on the ring to almost Lan ?

    The Haier, the merger may be greater opportunity in China rather than the United States. White, acquired under the GE, Haier access to its research and development team, which is the lack of core technology of the Chinese appliance maker, isú, let alone the Haier from large enterprises to create a strong corporate change.

    White, GE's business has never been to China, Haier will be able to get the brand China as a high-end launch, Haier in China with a strong sales network and the team, the probability of success is very high - in fact, Haier has already begun In a separate operation under the brand home appliances, "Dili Gaza" in an attempt to break through to the high-end, but the brand with GE's brand appeal is not compared to a level.

    Use the profits to the Chinese market to the U.S. market "on the fate" and wait for warmer U.S. real estate market, home appliances business revitalization, but also a good choice.


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