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Entertainment SNS died in gunfire in the sublimation of opponents

Source Bit Network (formerly Tianji Network)
    Entertainment-oriented SNS site can think of, has been considered to be their competitor's business SNS may become the greatest impetus to their development? "

    Bit Network (ChinaByte) 5/30 Comments (Yang Jian)

    LinkedIn choice

    In a few days ago in London at the "Internet World" conference, LinkedIn site for the European operations Kevin Yi Leisi said LinkedIn site in a backward position in Europe, they are stepping up efforts to catch up with.

    This is not groundless, because, after many setbacks later, LinkedIn finally get the British domestic domain, in addition to their recruitment to the London branch of a site responsible for advertising sales people. Everything indicates that this can be in the United States on an equal footing with Myspace and the social networking site Facebook has begun a force in Europe.

    However, the European force in the world why not have more users of Facebook and Myspace? ?

    Let us unless they LinkedIn and Myspace, Facebook the difference between it.

    In the global market social networking sites, LinkedIn in the number of users was not surprising. Myspace users exceeded 200 million people, Facebook has more than 70 million, LinkedIn users worldwide only 20 million people. However, due to site targeting white-collar workers in the occupational hierarchy, LinkedIn ad charges relatively high, LinkedIn users, the average age is 41 years old, the average annual salary of 110,000 U.S. dollars, can be said to be the wealthy sectors of American society. The CPM (1,000-the cost of advertising), Linkedin for 75 U.S. dollars, Facebook is less than one dollar.

    And the situation in Europe and LinkedIn is the positioning more fit.

    Let us look at Europe, the world's first listed on the Web2.0 enterprises XING in Europe Germany, 2008 XING the first quarter of the pay increase in the number of senior members of the 50,008 thousand people, now has a total of 420,000 paid senior Member, is the world's largest pay-SNS members of the platform. And, since the launch in 2007 after the online advertising and e-commerce, XING currently has a total of three sales means. In 2008 XING the first quarter of the total sales increase 91 percent to a 7.51 million euros, which is the highest in the history of XING-quarter sales. In fiscal year 2007, XING joint-stock companies with a total sales income of 19.61 million euros.

    XING LarsHinrichs founder and CEO said: "XING is the focus of the business community, and this is the main difference between the other SNS one of the other SNS platform main purpose is to enable members of a private purpose and amateur interest in the use of platform and our Targeting a member of the important reasons for our choice and we believe that business networking platform for members do not want the same as in other platforms will be business affairs and personal affairs confused. "

    LarsHinrichs view is: "SNS there are two completely different applications. One is the amateur leisure, such as Facebook, mainly used for gathering with friends. In addition to a major business, XING is the latter. They can not live in harmony, For example, you do not want their business contacts to see their vacation photos. "

    Clearly, from the current situation, the Europeans also pay attention to the actual more willing to opt for the latter. This can also explain why LinkedIn more value in Europe, because here the more potential users.

    However, LinkedIn has repeatedly pledged to launch localized versions, but never achieve. Moreover, the European market and Asian markets due to cultural and linguistic diversity, compared to the U.S. market to many complex. In order to become a successful international platform, technology and business models must be combined. Only the pursuit of growth is not enough, they must be social resources into real income. For LinkedIn, at least in Europe, XING For him, a bit remote.

    To imitate the highest level

    As for China, at this stage that model more suitable for us? ?

    It is worth noting that, "The New York Times" last weekend in a "Theyareconnected" the lengthy article, although inside the main article about the "neighbors community website" success stories, but the industry speaking, do not inspire Will be just so.

    "I say how? We can see that most of the current site of the Silicon Valley are imitation, but Silicon Valley is a big, huge, the National People's Congress, the big money, and the very different Asian cities. Silicon Valley of the people, through Amazon to buy a Harry Potter is a kind of enjoyment, but in Asian cities, as long as the downstairs to the convenience store on the buy. "

    Although the above kind of situation more cases referred to the e-commerce, but perhaps for Asia or China, which should be the difference between the recollection slowly. At least in the status quo is more SNS site also imitate the U.S. site, this thought indispensable.

    All along, China's Internet most of the time to follow in the footsteps of the United States. VC in China are often inspected some investors will get the answer, "We are China's XXX". XXX 99 percent while referring to the U.S. business. Do we really thought that we learn from these things are suitable for China? ?And our ancestors also back in a few years ago to remind us" climate, geography, and the "importance.

    Google co-founder Brin once said, "So far we have not in the best way to advertise on social networking and the use of social networks to make money." Everyone on the understanding that, Brin meaning it has two, First, do not know how to use social networks to make money, Bizheyanjing Second, we can also think of online advertising model to make money, now do not know how to do, or can not be used as the main way to make money.

    In my view, Myspace, Facebook is now at Brin described this stage, although the Americans more good at the "entertainment to death" under the guidance of the spirit, Facebook's a lot of opportunities, but at least it is not clear.

    That in China, in the food and clothing and a well-off still in the middle of China, and how many people would prefer to enjoy the "entertainment to death"? ?

    I do not deny that China's SNS site entertainment direction, because China's young people have for this Yuecibupi. But also because of this, China's young people were called "Beat Generation." Although the understanding of the "Beat Generation" refers to a small number of people, but in the entertainment-oriented SNS site, refers to "Beat Generation" and in what proportion it occupies ?

    In fact, the Man Mo's Road, one of a flip. SNS site entertainment and, of course, can business, it is important to grasp one, a ratio. China is now the SNS, it is precisely the lack of business the SNS, is Europe's SNS.

    China has been distressed profits were SNS site, the opportunity has been hovering around, do not look has been focused on the United States. The entertainment-oriented SNS site can think of, has been considered to be their competitor's business SNS may become the greatest impetus to their development? ?SNS business to make money, entertainment SNS to spend money, when the SNS can create a self-contained industrial chain, Perhaps all will Huorankailang.

    U.S. SNS, Europe's SNS, to its dregs, comes Jing-hua, perhaps this is to imitate the highest level.


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