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Exusoft Collaboration Office V2.0
    Exusoft Collaboration Office V2.0 is Based on the conception of the standard WorkFlow engine,it make a revolution of the modern work conception by workflow's visual design and the customization of modules.It conform to the WFC standard entirety,and also thinking about the characteristic of internal customers.It also has the other functions such as the sending messages,point-to-point communication and Video conference.
●Home style developed - can choose their favorite style developed Home
●Modeling organizations - can be convenient for the company's organizational structure set up to formulate
●Application Management System - can manage the application system configuration
●Design work flow - based on the need to set up processes work flow
●Design work flow routing definition -- the routing process can be configured to maximize meet the needs of different tasks
●Flow situation
●Send text messages - to support short message notification to facilitate the smooth conduct quick


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