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Exun Online Study And Exam System
    With the ardent competition increasingly,service enterprises and the window enterprises of the government such as Industrial & Commercial、Tax Bureau and the departments of the law,How to improve whole the quality of the service and the contentment of the people is a important way to improve the core competitity ability of enterprise and maintain goverment's reputation.At the same time,how to process a external and equitable exam or judge is also a important part of the human resource
    managerment of modern enterprise and the development of the company.
    On the side,the inner flow optimize of the enterprise also relates to a great deal of new knowledge、 the update of job stations and personnel alteration.How to ensure the clerk acclimatize the job quickly is directly relative to the cost and efficiency of one enterprise.In addition,modern enterprises how to manager the knowledge in knowledge economy age? How to effectively store and manager the many documents of knowledge、pictures、audio and video productions?It needs mananging and
attempering by a knowledge-managed platform.This not only the concludsion and summarization of exist information,but also the implement of the deep-seated data digging and commercial aptitude

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